"30% efficiency has been reported within the first month of installing watchdog within our organisation. Knowledge is power and watchdog gives me that power."

-By A big public sector bank in India

Software Overview
Watchdog-3 is a state-of-the-art productivity monitoring tool with an integrated hardware-software management system.

Watchdog-3 allows administrators to observe the activity on computer systems within their premises for the purpose of monitoring the efficiency or productivity of their employees or to monitor activities of underage family members in the home setting.

Watchdog-3 comes with an integrated software-hardware tracking system that functions on the principle of Total Network Asset Management (TNAM). This feature automatically maintains a detailed inventory of the hardware and software assets on every computer within a network and displays the total cost of ownership.

Watchdog-3 enables administrators to restrict access of employees to certain applications on the PC and maintains detailed records of time spent on the computer. It has live remote monitoring capabilities as well as activity recording capabilities; it collects data for perusal at a later date and time.

Watchdog-3 is ideal for both home users as well as organizations with hundreds of workstations, operating in a LAN environment. It is extremely useful in identifying and preventing employees from engaging in illicit and illegal activities during office hours.

The purchase of Watchdog-3 implies strict terms and conditions concerning its use. It can only be installed on computer systems in the name of the buyer and cannot be used in public domain under any circumstances.
Key Features
  • Key log capture
  • Instant messenger capture (MSN, AOL and Yahoo)
  • Application log capture (all application titles)
  • Remote network PC monitoring capability
  • Remote network PC control (shutdown or restart functions)
  • Hardware-software asset tracker
  • Stealth mode monitoring capabilities
  • Website banning
  • Deleted files log
  • Machine master
  • Report generation
  • Automated activity log e-mails
  • Customizable set-up
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